Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner - rinse out
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    • Ultra-light, ultra-rich volumizing conditioner
    • Quinoa, combined with natural coconut derived conditioning agents, rich oils & silk
     amino acids work to strengthen hair & boost volume
    • Weightless formula boosts volume
    • Before styling, experience the 11 benefits of COLOR LOVER PRIMER 11

Color Lover Volume Boost:

  • With moisturizers and a pool of antioxidant enzymes
  •  bio-technological origin,
  • favors the alignment of the hair fibers,
  •  exalting smoothness
  • gives exceptional shine
  • prolongs color

Directions for use:  apply to damp hair after washing, massage,
leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse and proceed with drying.


Color Lover Framesi Reviews: PRIMER 11: 

Volume Conditioner Finally a volume conditioner that does not rob volume from you fine, thin or damaged hair hair when you use it! Start with the rich lather of Color Lover VOLUME Shampoo  then repeat the with a 2nd sudzing ... during the second shampoo application you will actually be able to feel the extra body with you fingers right at your scalp. NOT WORRY - Just be kind to your hair and use the Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner after your Color Lover VOLUME shampoo.

Adding VOLUME to your hair with Color Lover is a 2-part deal. You need both shampoo and conditioner. If you are like all of our folks with fine hair that tells us it "gone flat" when you have used a conditioner (with another product line) ...  you really need to know to trust the volume conditioner with this volume shampoo! We promise you will not be disappointed. All of our ladies love this combination! The shampoo and conditioner both add volume but this "magic conditioner" also controls the volume so the extra body, that you just added with the shampoo, does not "disappear" the hair volume you want! Volume Shampoo & Volume Conditioner is indeed a "magic-combination" for folks who want more volume and great hair. If you still feel you need more boost for your hair, first-shake then spray-on the Color Lover VOLUME Leave-In Conditioner.

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Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner - rinse out

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