Color Lover Moisture MASQUE
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  • With four (4) types of conditioning ingredients, it transforms the texture of dull, rough and unruly hair
  • Acts on the porosity of the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny
  • Exalts and protects your hair color


Directions for use: apply to damp hair and massage for even distribution.
Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and repeat if necessary.

Color Lover Framesi Reviews: Moisture Masque : The #1 repeat seller was  for dry or damaged hair was the Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque from the Framesi Hair Products line. More recently  Color Lover Moisture Masque & Color Lover Primer 11 (also by Framesi) has become available. Color Lover Moisture Masque is great if you have the problem of, hair damage, or dry hair, or have over colored., or over bleached, or over permed you hair. 

Enhance your results by using heat cap for 20 minutes - let cool before rinsing

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Color Lover Moisture MASQUE

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